Becoming “The Royal We”

thIt took me a few pages to get into The Royal We, a novel that told a love story that was almost identical to that of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Once Nick and Rebecca’s flirting turned into a serious relationship, I really started to enjoy this! The author’s approach reminded me a lot of what I loved so much about Movie Star. Because this read like a biography of the royal couple, it had a somewhat realistic feel, but there was enough romance and scandal to make this highly entertaining! 

Rebecca was an American studying abroad in Oxford when she met the future king f England, Nick. She actually started off just being his friend and dating another guy at the school, two things that made legitimized her as potential wife material from the start. Unlike the other girls at school who fawned over Nick, Rebecca’s relationship with him grew from a friendship of mutual understanding and inside jokes to a passionate love affair.

To mirror real life, Nick’s brother was a goofball who lived it up simply because he was the “spare” rather than the “heir”. There was a glitzy circle of friends surrounding Nick and Rebecca that showcased the glamorous life of London’s titled and wealthy. The jets, islands, and never-ending cocktails created a fun atmosphere, but at times, the level of conversation made this group seem less mature than they were, which gave this the feel of a Young Adult novel. (Ugh.) Ultimately, I liked watching Rebecca struggle along the journey of falling in love with a royal, and try to avoid the inherent issues it presented.

This was a silly book to read, but since I went into it without any expectations, it was entertaining and enjoyable.


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