Saying I Love You “After I Do”

th (1)After I Do was my first book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and I loved it! Lauren and Ryan had a typical college romance that led them down the aisle, but only a few years into marriage, they found themselves less than happy with each other. This could have been a completely depressing novel, but the author managed to zero in on some actions and traits that made me like this couple. I watched them separate to test their love, and rooted for them to get back together. 

The first few chapters provided small glimpses of how Lauren and Ryan lost their love for each other. That was shown through their petty fights and snippy comments, where they really just took each other for granted. They then decided to split up for a year to see how that would feel. Since Lauren wasn’t totally into that idea to begin with, I knew she wasn’t going to go crazy dating a bunch of guys or even fall hard for someone else, but I did expect her to be a little more social. She was a bit of a homebody, but in the end, that method worked for her to achieve the realization she did about Ryan.

Lauren’s mother, sister, and brother, were great additions to the story. They all supported her and through their advice, they helped her understand things about herself and whether she should get back together with her husband. Her family also had story lines of their own which fit in very well with the overall themes of family and relationships. The interactions between the family was so realistic, that I believed in this family.

So many books are like The One That Got Away, where the protagonist is obviously with the wrong person. There, I spend the whole book waiting for the character to wake up and ditch her current loser boyfriend for Mr. Right. But here, it was refreshing for Lauren to slowly recognize that she was Mr. Right and just wasn’t seeing him clearly. I think people who have been in long-term relationships would be the ideal audience for this novel. I am so glad I found a new author that I ordered another one of her books before I had even finished this!


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