“Maybe In Another Life” The Road Less Traveled Is Taken

thMaybe In Another Life was a Sliding Doors type premise where the novel showed how Hannah’s life would have been different depending on her decision whether or not to stay in a bar and have a drink with an old flame. In one narrative, Hannah and her high school boyfriend, Ethan, quickly became an item. In the other, Hannah was the victim of a hit and run and spent weeks recovering and learning to walk again. Both plots forced Hannah to examine her life, something that revealed what was missing. 

In both tales, Hannah’s life was impacted by the fact that her parents had moved to London to support her sister’s career dreams, which left Hannah feeling abandoned. A constant positive in both lives was Hannah’s best friend Gabby, who was a smart and articulate woman. Gabby’s subplot tied in really well to Hannah’s relationship woes and helped give Hannah the clarity she desperately needed.

I thought having Hannah fall for her male nurse was too convenient and unbelievable. Her interactions with the nurse weren’t a strong enough to make that a good alternative to her passionate romance with Ethan. At some points, the entire plot just got swallowed in pregnancy discussions, which didn’t gel with the way the story had been progressing.

Truthfully, I was not as impressed with this as I was with the author’s other novel, After I Do. I found After I Do to be so honest and realistic, but this story felt a little shallow.



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