Dreams Bring “Hugo And Rose” Together

thThe premise of Hugo & Rose was that both Hugo and Rose dream of each other for years, literally. They grew up with each other every night and then suddenly, saw each other in their real lives. This was a magic realism novel that moved between Rose’s dreams of Hugo and her life as a stay at home of three. 

Given the premise, I was expecting a lighter story to go with the dream element. Instead, there was significant focus on Rose’s mundane life as a harried mother. I get that the author was trying to make her dreams of Hugo be an escape for her, but having Rose so unhappy as a mother resulted in me not liking Rose very much. She also lacked any personality traits aside from worries about her kids or concerns over how other mothers saw her. For me, there just wasn’t much about her to like.

Based on Rose’s life, I almost stopped reading. What kept me interested was that when Rose approached the man who looked like Hugo in her dreams, he recognized her from his dreams too. Were they a match made in heaven? Was there some grand design to them knowing each other? I was determined to wade through the kiddie paragraphs and find out. The journey once Hugo and Rose found each other was pretty good and worth reading. I did think the ending was a little darker than I anticipated.

This was a satisfying read, but not a favorite.



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