The Age Old Question, “Who Do You Love”

thWho Do You Love was the latest novel from Jennifer Weiner. This story tracked the budding romance of Andy and Rachel beginning when they first met in a hospital at the age of eight. A great deal of time was spent providing the background for the events that shaped both of their lives, which would impact their relationship later. Because they met so young, a majority of the novel had a young adult feel to it. While this was a sweet romance, the thoughts and feelings of the adolescents weren’t overly exciting. However, there was plenty of sexual content to make this appeal to an adult audience. The story had the characters doing and observing quite a bit, but not necessarily feeling what they were doing. When the characters did express themselves, it came off as obvious and generic.

I really started to get into the story once Rachel and Andy moved in together. At that point, there relationship got real, and the focus was more on them then on their backstories. Overall, the story was nice and I liked it, I just had in mind that there would be more interactions between them. I wasn’t as interested in reading about Rachel’s social work or Andy’s running.

This was an okay read that for a book club, but I hoped for a more intense relationship. Something in the vein of The Promise Of Stardust or Finding Rebecca.


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