Nick Heller Rescues The “Vanished”

thAfter reading several other novels by my newly discovered author, Joseph Finder, I started the Nick Heller series. Beginning with Vanished, the series followed Nick as he solved mysteries by wielding a gun and using his sense of humor. This type of book is what my brother-in-law calls “brain candy”. It took no effort to read, and was delightfully entertaining! Here, Nick offered to help his sister-in-law after she was attacked, an event that left Nick’s brother missing. 

Nick’s character was the best thing about this book. His unique employment background gave him the skills to assist his sister-in-law in this bizarre situation. He was intelligent, but also a brute. He wasn’t afraid to use physical violence and threats to get what he wanted, but because he did it with a smile and sarcasm, Nick came off as extremely likable! There were many secrets between Nick and the truth, and each was guarded with thugs wielding guns. Nick’s motley crew of disfigured, disgraced, and anti-social people who all had uncanny knowledge about electronics aided him in his quest to find his brother.

There were a lot of explosions in this novel, which made finance guys trying to steal billions of dollars exciting to follow. This was a novel where you know exactly what you are going to get. The plot was packed with action, but still had depth. The characters were smart, and miraculously defeated passwords, alarm systems, and encryption with unnatural ease.

This had entertainment value, which made it enjoyable to read. I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series.


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