Nick Heller Digs Up “Buried Secrets”

th (2)Buried Secrets was the second installment in the Nick Heller series, which was yet another ridiculously entertaining read! Nick’s brazen personality allowed him to approach solving the abduction of his friend’s daughter with absolutely no fear. As the story progressed, Nick seemed to be the only person interested in helping the young woman who was held captive in the most horrifying prison I had ever read about! The actions of the other characters in the novel raised a lot of suspicion as to their true motives and about what was really behind the ransom.

Those red herrings and twists kept this interesting to read despite the somewhat corny dialogue. It was clear that Finder conducted a large amount of research for this novel. The descriptions of guns, ammo, corruption, and off shore accounts made this a great story packed with action. This isn’t a book that presents deep themes or allows for characters to develop beyond who they already are. But the reason these books works for me is because there is sufficient background on each character to provide motives for what everyone does. The short chapters get right to the point and move the story along quickly.

Nick is such a likable hero that I just go along with whatever it is he’s doing. Breaking into the kidnapper’s home, check. Fighting with two thugs, check. Planting tracking devices, check. Finder isn’t afraid to use international politics, dirty U.S. politicians, and greedy finance guys as the basis for his thrillers. I appreciated that the author even managed to fit in a love story in between fight scenes. This series is so enjoyable and would appeal to people who are seeking a book with high entertainment value. I can’t wait for the next installment!


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