Lady Godiva’s Infamous “Naked” Ride

thNaked: A Novel Of Lady Godiva told the legendary story of the events that led up to Lady Godiva riding through the streets naked. With short sentences and wording that focused on dialogue and emotions, the book read like the centuries old tale it described. The beauty of the book was in the classic dilemma nobles like Godiva faced: save herself or save her country. Godiva’s strength of character made her a fearless protagonist and was the highlight of this novel.

The story was straightforward, and at times, rather simplistic. When Godiva’s parents were killed in an attack trying to save the land her family ruled over, she became the sole protector of her people. Further attacks led to neighboring rulers offering to protect her land if she married them. She sacrificed herself to protect her people, and became the wife to a man who seemed more evil that he let on. Still, they managed to engage in some steamy sex – apparently I had no idea what I was  getting myself into with this book!

The novel was full of swords, horses, and silver jewelry, all of which helped to create the perfect setting for the novel, as I really did feel that I was in the 11th Century. There was a good finish, with double crosses and lies all challenging Godiva’s honor. My issue was that the author had characters explaining their actions that were told without much detail in the novel. There weren’t enough scenes where the characters’ motives were called into question that supported the ending.

This read like a fairy tale, with the swords, horses, and kisses all creating a classic love story. This was a breeze to read, and would be a great beach read.


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