He Will “Never Look Away” Again

thI almost can’t believe that there is an entire genre of books where the premise revolves around a missing spouse’s sordid past. Never Look Away was once such book, but was an exciting take on a familiar plot! Here, Jan disappeared during a trip to an amusement park with her son and husband, David. Early into the investigation, things about Jan’s disappearance seemed off, which led investigators to suspect David. That twist made this enticing to read and very enjoyable. As a journalist, David was focused on learning the truth about government payoffs relating to building a prison in his small town. David’s thorough investigation roused sleazy characters who threatened his life and the life of his child if he didn’t bury the story. That subplot created plenty of action and red herrings, but also gave David’s character depth. He came across as an honest and all around good guy.One thing that really struck me was that the author came up with some creative details to help explain who the characters were. The simple way the scenes expanded off a small personality trait was just brilliant.

I found the writing simple enough to make this an easy read, but also smart enough to keep me guessing as to the resolution. This was a great thriller with lots of action. It was a thoughtful plot, with good pacing, natural conversations, and believable motivations.

This was my first book by this author, and I was surprised by how much I liked it! I am dying to read the next installment of this series to see what happens next to David and his son. Can’t hardly wait!


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