The Craziest Reasons I’ve Stopped Reading A Book

th (7)The people at the library must think I am mad to check out 8-10 books a week. But I know that in the stack, only 2 or 3 will be worth reading. I will launch into the others for a few pages until I find something about each one that will drive me so crazy I simply cannot continue reading. Sometimes I feel like the Goldilocks of books. Here are a few things that made me close the cover:1. There weren’t any quotation marks. I thought Ways To Disappear sounded interesting, but I couldn’t get past not knowing from the first word when a sentence was someone speaking and when it was just a sentence. I’m reading for fun here, which means I don’t like books that make me work too hard. This one did.

2. The author was too liberal with italics. The Museum Of Extraordinary Things was my first attempt to read an Alice Hoffman book, about whom I had heard great things about. But I can’t read pages and pages of italics! Not even 20/20 vision and youth could stop my eyes from crossing. Ugh.

3. Each sentence started the same way. This is the author of This Is The Water, who began every sentence with “This is…” This is a bizarre way to write a book. This is starting to get annoying. This is annoying. This is too annoying to keep reading. (You get the picture.)

4. The paragraphs were too long. There are so many books with this problem, I won’t single out just one. It is bad enough that the author forgot to hit the enter button, but couldn’t the editor have helped them out? I start to lose track of what I’m reading when the entire page is one long block of text. A lack of formatting bugs me.

5. The chapters were too long.  There is nothing worse then never ending chapters and this is happening all too frequently. Reaching the end of a chapter makes me feel like I am progressing through the book. So when there are only a handful of chapters at over 20 pages, I start to feel like I will never reach the end. I recognize that this is purely psychological, but I still can’t get past it.



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