A Romance Only On “November 9”

th (3)November 9 was my second book by Colleen Hoover, and again, I was swept up with her writing and story. I first read her Confess, and even though these books might fall into the YA category they are seriously entrancing! Nov 9 was my second book by her and again I just fell I love with the characters as I watched them fall in love with each other.

Fallon and Ben met one day in a restaurant when he pretended to be her boyfriend and inserted himself into a fight she was having with her father. When he defended her and called out her father for the callous way he spoke to Fallon, Ben inadvertently won her heart. They spent the remainder of the day together until Fallon caught a plane to New York. Fallon had severe burns on her body after being caught in a house fire that nearly killed her and ruined her acting career. Ben made Fallon feel beautiful and desirable – something no one else had been able to do in the two years since her injuries.

They met when they were 18 but are both determined to experience all the life people their age should, so they vow not to swap phone numbers but instead to meet up on the same day each year for the next five years. The narration switched between Ben and Fallon and showed the different perspectives of their love story in a way that just did not make this read like a YA book.

What sets Hoover’s books apart is that there is always a deep and dark secret at the root of the budding relationship. Of course once the truth was revealed, the characters were so far down a road of passion that the truth had ability to make a devastating impact on their lives. Their passion for each other and emotional journey was very enjoyable to read. I wanted to recommend this novel before I had even finished it!


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