Danger Lies Ahead When There Is “No Time For Goodbye”

th (2)No Time For Goodbye was another exciting read by Linwood Barclay. I’ve come to view his novels as pure entertainment and allow myself to be swept away in the bizarre problems his characters get tangled up in. Here, Cynthia awoke as a teenager to find her mother father and brother all gone from the family home. The missing person’s case turned into a cold case, and twenty five years later Cynthia still wondered what happened to her family.
Now married and with a child of her own, strange things started to happen as it appeared someone had knowledge of the whereabouts of her family.

Told through the perspective of Cynthia s husband, Terry, he struggled to navigate the odd events that drew him into a mysterious ride that would lead to the truth about that fateful night. Terry’s narration allowed him to vocalize his doubts about Cynthia’s involvement in the disappearance of her family when she was a teenage, and also wonder whether she was behind the present suspicious activity.

The first two chapters really took off but the next 100 pages were a bit slow. While some of those scenes laid the foundation for later events, some didn’t and merely added unnecessary length to the book.
This didn’t really become a thriller until the last hundred or so pages, but then it sped up with force! The fact that there weren’t any clues for the reader about the disappearance of Cynthia’s family culminated in a powerful ending.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I love protagonists who unwillingly become heroes. Terry fit that profile perfectly. All he wanted was to be a good husband to Cynthia and help her continue to deal with the tragedy that befell her as a teen. But to be a good dad and husband he had to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. That meant teaming up with dangerous thugs, lying to the police, and hiding evidence. The scenes that established him as a devoted teacher who was respected by the students, further enhanced this good guy gone bad spin.

I’m eager to read the next story in this series, which highlights Terry’s mouthy and spunky daughter Grace. These are such fun!


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