There’s “No Safe House” In This Neighborhood

thNo Safe House was the follow-up thriller to No Time For Goodbye. I really liked Terry’s character in the first novel, and so I was anxious to continue reading about him and his family. Here, seven years passed since his family’s run in with danger, and now his daughter Grace was a rebellious teenager. When Grace wound up in a situation that interfered with a gang’s plot to recover stolen money, the only person she could turn to was her father. Again, Terry’s clean-cut personality, contrasted with the danger his daughter placed him in. 

I enjoyed that the same case of characters present in the first book, were also the focus here. Terry’s duty to his daughter pushed him to hide her potential involvement with a murder and delve back into the gang world run by Vince. Some of the scenes with Vince’s goon squad were a bit cheesy, but I liked Vince, possibly because of his heroic actions in the first novel. Vince honestly wanted to look out for Grace and even though he might not have the best motivations behind his actions, he was a sort of guardian angel for her.

Much of the novel took place within a few hours, something that made the pace move along very quickly. As the interactions with the goons mounted, this became just another ridiculous novel full of bad guys, guns, and stolen money. I sort of lost interest as this progressed because the plot moved into extremely cheesy territory. As a result, this wasn’t the same level of thriller as some of Barclay’s other works. I was a bit disappointed with this one, but would still eagerly read his novels.


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