Get To Know The “Platinum Doll”

thPlatinum Doll was such an enjoyable novel! I honestly just enjoyed every part of this. The easy writing made this so pleasant to read. The setting of old Hollywood was simply delightful, as was the story. As a classic Hollywood buff I loved that this was a fictional retelling of how Harlean became the legendary film star Jean Harlow. Similar to The Shadow Queen this novel didn’t even attempt to rehash her entire life. Instead, this was more of the prequel to her fame.

This focused on Jean’s early marriage and the events that led her to fame and fortune. Like so many stars of the era, Jean didn’t set out to be the envied Platinum Blonde she would become. Jean struggled to get bit parts and work as an extra just for fun and to earn a small amount of money, never imaging that she would star in a picture one day. Jean actually ended up in the office of a major talent scout simply to win a bet she made with some petty women in her neighborhood, but the meeting set her on a course for Hollywood history! 

Once I figured out that this novel was not going to be a comprehensive look at Jean’s entire life or career, but would simply focus on how she “made it big”, I started to appreciate it more. It was sad to see her alcoholic husband be so unsupportive of her ambition, a common theme for many starlets of the time.

The author did such an excellent job of taking Jean’s life story and turning it into a compelling historical fiction novel. I wish the author would write novels like this for all the well known actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood! I loved this!


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