Someone Is Stalking “The Other Widow”

thThe Other Widow was described as a thriller about the untimely death of Joe and near miss of his mistress Dottie. When Dottie survived, the killer was supposed to come after her. That didn’t really happen. Told in three alternating narratives, the author focused on Karen: Joe’s wife, Dottie: Joe’s mistress, and Maggie: the insurance investigator who used to be a cop.

I was expecting this to be something in the vein of A Circle Of Wives, which created a thrilling whodunnit where wife and mistresses were all implicated in the murder of their man. This certainly was not a thriller. The Other Widow delved too far into the emotions of Karen and Dottie, which detracted from the mystery aspect. The writing was fine, but there needed to be much more to this story. There just wasn’t enough happening in each chapter to make me want to read more, or to propel the story along. The women as characters were ok, but because no one was particularly likable, I didn’t care about wife or mistress, and certainly wasn’t concerned about Dottie being stalked by a potential murderer. In that regard, I felt this book failed on several levels. A better murder mystery with a similar premise is I Love You More.


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