A French Love Story Detailed In “The Red Notebook”

th (1)The Red Notebook was a charming Parisian love story. At barely 150 pages this was a quick read. There was so much potential for this to be an even better and longer novel had the author just put in a bit more effort. This started when Laurent found Laure’s handbag obviously discarded in the street. Something prompted him to take it and begin looking for her so that he could return it.

Laurent went filed through the contents to discover who the owner was, which inadvertently resulted in his girlfriend breaking up with him. From those contents, including a red notebook, Laurent knew that he has a lot in common with the mystery purse owner. Not the least of which was their love of literature. Laurent was a bookstore owner and the signed copy of a rare book in the purse showed Laure to be an avid reader as well. Laurent was described as a quirky, bookish, nerd with a good heart. Throughout his interactions with his daughter, named Chloe (of course), the author portrayed him as a kind man who was a considerate dad.

There were some funny lines and situations here, my favorite being when Laurent murmured (just like a female) that it was impossible to find things in the purse. The story was brief, which meant Laurent learned about Laure’s life without much effort. He tracked her down to her apartment and then learned about the mugging injury that landed her in the hospital. Because this was originally written by a French author in French it was easy to accept the romantic premise that swept these two lost souls towards each other. This was an enjoyable read but I did wish it was longer and more in depth.

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