“The Accident” Draws Out Crimes And Killers

thThe Accident was one of the better thrillers by Linwood Barclay. Again, the author took a normal guy and thrust him into chaos. Here, Glen’s life catapulted in chaos when his wife’s drunk driving ended in a fatal car crash for her and a family. An entire neighborhood was thrust into criminal acts and conspiracy.  There were several subplots involving those neighbors that all supported the overall story and made this a great read. 

The strained financial conditions of several women in the neighborhood led them to descend into illegal activity. What began as simple purse parties where they sold knockoff designer bags, soon escalated into selling fake prescription medications that could be deadly and to get involved with criminals. Using the purse knockoffs as the catalyst that led these women into a life of crime was a humorous element that I personally found delightfully ridiculous!
Glen became an unexpected hero, as he learned more information about his wife’s accident. The pacing of the story was excellent. Something happened in each chapter that not only pushed the mystery along, but also helped define and develop Glen as a character. Glen’s eight year old daughter, Kelly, was a great sidekick. Being a little mouthy made her entertaining, but her fears were what motivated Glen to protect her by uncovering the truth about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.
The cast of supporting characters were great! They all had enough background to make their motivations plausible. There was a point when I wondered how all the story lines would tie together but in the end I was very pleased with how they did. This was just a fun read. His easy writing style allows me to whip through these but there is enough depth here to keep me intrigued and guessing who the villains are until the last pages.

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