A Reminder That “This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!”

thThis Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! had a breezy, comical writing style that pushed me through this novel quickly. The easy writing gave this a relaxed feel as Harriet Chance’s life was examined. The author threw in chapters that described pertinent points of Harriet’s life spanning from her birth all the way through the last seventy-odd years, all of which explained how she became who she was in the present. As an elder she was a recent widow who traveled to Alaska on a cruise purchased by her husband. She had no idea he purchased the trip, but since it was about to expire, she decide to sail off on the cruise.  Overall this was a novel about forgiveness. The strongest message that was advanced here, and which the author emphasized in just about every chapter, was that people should live a life that makes them happy. I was grateful to be reminded of that, but the way the author made those points was through a dark and somber plot. The family members had not been kind to each other and continued to be cruel to each other. Their behavior was beyond sad. Just when I thought Harriet had actually experienced some happiness, more facts would be revealed to show how traumatizing her life had been. Despite the bright cover and title with an exclamation point, this was a dark read about tormented people who didn’t seem to appreciate their life at all. I wouldn’t recommend this because it was too serious and slightly depressing.


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