How Much Will “The Invoice” Say Your Life Is Worth?


I don’t how I managed to stumble across books with an odd story but a good message recently. The Invoice fell right into that description. When the main character received an invoice for a huge sum of money he was confused. The billing company made it difficult to get a representative on the phone, but once he did he learned he was being charged for his entire life’s experiences. The company explained that it valued his life up to that point and determined that he must pay for everything good that had happened to him. Our protagonist had never heard of this and was, of course, outraged.

He then began to contest the amount by informing the company about all the negative things that had happened to him. His approach backfired when those experiences doubled the amount he owed. As he fought the charges and contested the sum, the company found more ways to add to the amount he owed. There wasn’t much to this novel; what I’ve described is just about all that happened. At only 200 pages, there wasn’t much depth to the hero. Still, that worked to the advantage of the tale, since the hero’s tales of woe were short and left me unconvinced that he his life was anything by happy.

The moral of the story was to be happy with your life and to appreciate everything you have. The journey that protagonist took to get to that point was a light-hearted one. At the end, he was content with life, and I actually smiled along with him on the final page.

This was a nice read for lazy Sunday.


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