“The Debutante Divorcee” Takes Manhattan


The Debutante Divorcee was a light read that was the follow up to Bergdorf Blondes. This series is just a fun romp through New York with Manhattan’s rich and famous. Expecting anything other than pure entertainment would only set you up for disappointment. When Sylvie was abandoned on her honeymoon because her husband Hunter had to work, she met Lauren, a women traveling alone to celebrate her recent divorce. They bonded over martinis and designer clothes.

Lauren welcomed Sylvie into her circle, but soon Sylvie wondered whether she too was headed for divorce when Hunter jetted off to Paris for an extended business trip. He was unreachable for days, surprisingly seen in London, which he lied about, and then spotted with a woman who was an infamous man eater. The characters stressed about their designer duds, attending galas, and engaged in society gossip. Going into this, I expected all the characters, other than Sylvie, would be shallow. They were, but in a delightfully ridiculous way! Still, the women Sylvie befriended all supported her as she debated whether or not her husband was cheating on her. 

The lavish vacations were a great part of the book, and I loved traveling with the women to Moscow, Paris, and the Caribbean. Although the women lived such glamorous lives, they were really quite lonely and had the same problems everyone else had. Even more so since apparently no man was safe from husband stealing women.

Because the characters were both married and single the novel would appeal to a wide range of readers. This is the epitome of a beach read because it was light and amusing.


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