“Try Not To Breathe” When The Killer Is Close

th (2)Try Not To Breathe was the book most similar to The Girl On The Train. To start, Alex, one of the narrators, was an alcoholic, which made her unreliable. Alex was a journalist who wanted to rise in the ranks at her job but needed a big story to do so. She thought cracking a sixteen year old cold case would do the trick so she set out to find the man who assaulted teenage Amy so viciously that Amy ended up in a coma. 

Despite the premise, I never really believed in Alex. There wasn’t enough background about her career to let me know why she hadn’t excelled or how this story would change her life in a positive way. The novel had a quick pace but was a bit confusing given the number of narrators. Alex’s story was just one of many. Her ex-husband, Matt, a police office, provided the police information, and Amy’s former boyfriend, Jake, helped Alex track down leads.

Jake’s mom was also given a narrative and it soon became clear she knew more than she let on. The most compelling chapters were the ones told through Amy perspective. They bounced from her teenage days to the day of the assault, but the most unnerving part when she talked about her state while in a coma. The author took a perspective that some patients in a coma are alert inside but lack the ability to communicate. Amy heard what her visitors said to her and expressed her frustration with what was happening to her.

As for a mystery, this was just ok. Alex didn’t uncover all that much information, but then solved the case rather quickly. I felt that there was a lot of information given about the characters’ lives that didn’t seem to fit with the story and didn’t really go anywhere. Still, this was thrilling and entertaining.


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