She’s “The Opposite Of Me”

thThe Opposite Of Me followed twins Alex and Lindsey. Alex was the pretty one and Lindsay was the smart one. When Lindsey’s life in New York fell apart, she moved back home. There she worked at rebuilding her career, becoming confident with herself, finding love, and mending the relationship with her sister. Those elements might make it seem like the plot went in a lot of directions, but it all worked well and fit together to make one great story. 

I found it very sad that Lindsey and her sister were so competitive with each to the point of being rivals rather than even being cordial with each other. I also wasn’t really pleased about what had to transpire in order for the sisters to heal their relationship. It was a dark story line, but it did force Lindsey to reevaluate herself and the ideals she had Alex.

This was compared to the novels of Sophie Kinsella, and being a huge fan of the Shopaholic series, I can say that this is nothing like those. This wasn’t comedic chick lit at all, and I don’t think this story would have worked it if was. Lindsey was a methodical character who thought about everyone and everything before she took any action. I like this author’s way of making her characters natural and normal so that they are easy to relate with.

Overall this was a solid women’s fiction book.


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