Don’t Mess With “The Assistants”

thThe Assistants was an unexpectedly clever story! This took the angst of Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada to a whole new level! Fontana (Tina) was faced with a moral dilemma when she received a $20,000 reimbursement check from her work for charged that had already been reversed on her credit card. As she pondered whether she should or shouldn’t keep the check, a few quick strokes on her iPhone had it deposited and then sent to pay off her student loan within minutes. She was thrilled she got away with it until a coworker Emily confronted her and then blackmailed Tina into stealing enough money to pay off Emily’s loans too…

And that was the beginning of the end. Soon other coworkers were clamoring for Tina to steal additional money for their benefit. Tina worked as an assistant in a large company run by a man who was excessively rich and spent thousands each month of extravagant items. Soon Tina thought of herself as a Robin Hood of assistants since her boss would never miss a few hundred grand to help reduce the student loans of the vastly underpaid assistants in his company.

Tina grew personally as she went from loaner to being surrounded by female coworkers all trying to help each other. Soon was transformed from doormat to leader. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger bang of an ending, but Tina just turned out to be too nice for that. The story was told as a flashback, so from the beginning the reader knew that Tina got caught. Even though I was taken in by her plight, I did want her to get caught for what she was doing. The theft was just too unsustainable to continue as more and more assistants demanded money from Tina.

All of the characters had their own quirks and personalities. The story was told from Tina’s point of view, and she had a sassy sense of humor and take on life even though she was such an introvert at the beginning. I liked the easy writing style that made this a quick read. The novel had every part that makes this a great story: good character development, good relationships, smart dialogue, and a fast paced crazy plot I couldn’t help but get caught up in!

This was a fun read with a sinister twist, although it wasn’t laugh out loud funny. I could easily see this becoming a movie. I really enjoyed this light and amusing story.


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