“Fool Me Once”, Shame On Me

th Yep, I am a sucker for thrillers that cast doubt on whether a deceased spouse is actually deceased. Fool Me Once was my latest read in that genre by Harlan Coben. The heroine here was Maya, a tough woman who was a former soldier in Afghanistan with a dishonorable discharge. Maya had no tolerance for bullies and took it upon herself to be the personal protector of her family members. When Maya saw her dead husband Joe on her nanny cam she started to question everything she knew about him and the people around her. The sighting set her off on a quest to uncover the truth. Suddenly after the sighting, Maya’s nanny attacked her, and a car started following her. When Joe’s sister expressed her own issues with his family’s business and history, Maya became even more suspicious of foul play. Those doubts were compounded when the detective investigating her husband’s death informed Maya that gun used to kill Joe was also used to murder Maya’s sister four months earlier. That information made it seem as though a sinister plot had been uncovered and that someone wanted them silenced.

This was full of twists, but the ending sort of came out of nowhere. The ending could have been much better had it been developed more. Joe’s past was slowly revealed to Maya, which painted him to be not just a jerk, but a malicious criminal to fear. The background of Joe’s escapades in prep school with his brother and other buddies was actually the more very interesting aspect of this book, but was barely touched upon. It provided a great foundation for the overall plot, and I wished that it played a larger role in the story.

This was entertaining, but at the end, I was disappointed in how everything came together in a disjointed way.


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