“What Remains Of Me” Are Only Secrets And Lies

thWhat Remains Of Me was a novel filled with twists and turns. Kelly was recently released from prison for shooting Oscar-nominated director John McFadden at a party in his home. When Kelly’s father-in-law was gunned down in the same manner, the authorities automatically suspected Kelly of that crime too. That murder investigation began a process that would reveal the deep and twisted secrets to several high-profile Hollywood families and prove once and for all whether Kelly was really a murderer. 

The story moved back and forth between Kelly’s life as a teenager in the weeks leading up to the McFadden shooting, and her life trying to avoid the press as a released convict.  As a teen, she tried to move on with her life after her sister’s apparent suicide, and fell in with a crowd of popular kids ruled by Bellamy, all who lived a lavish lifestyle she did not enjoy. That story’s focus on that relationship wasn’t overly exciting until the end of the novel when all the secrets were revealed.

There were a few clues about what was really going on, but they were so well hidden that they didn’t help uncover the plot during the bulk of the novel. As a character, Kelly was pretty bland. I didn’t have any feelings for her one way or another, which made me a little disengaged from her story. In fact, none of the characters were especially likable. Of the main characters, Kelly’s parents were unstable, Bellamy was distant, and Kelly’s husband was a pushover. This wasn’t a typical story where the protagonist ran around uncovering clues at a heart pounding speed. The lies here were huge, so it took a while for them to be uncovered.

The big reveal, or rather reveals, was pretty shocking, but somehow lacked punch. This was entertaining and memorable because of the dark nature of the story, but the pacing made this a little slow to read.


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