Trying To Find “All The Missing Girls”

thAll The Missing Girls was just like the previous book I read. Apparently this is a new genre. Who knew? In comparison, this story was much better. Here, a group of high schoolers lost one of their own when a popular girl went missing. Several years later, another girl went missing in the same way and same location, which raised questions about the cold case. 

This story was told backward, something I feel is hard to do well. The reason it made sense for this story to be told that way was because the big secret was revealed at the beginning of the story, so it came at the end of the book. But the things that happened after that big reveal didn’t really need to be told in reverse, and in fact, the reverse telling didn’t make this a better novel.

I had the same problem here that I did with What Remains Of Me, some of the major relationships weren’t explored enough to make this gripping. There were references to big issues with the main players and their history, but it was hard to discern what was really happening and what had happened between them all those years ago that was still relevant today. Nicolette and the guy who was her boyfriend in high school clearly still had a connection but it was hard to follow. Nicolette’s brother and his wife were presented a minor characters, but then had this huge impact on the plot, which came out of nowhere. ace

I would say that the ending was good because the characters were shown to be loyal and devoted to each other. There were many cover ups and lots of secrets which necessitated lies upon lies. But, the lack of development given to the relationships made this less than riveting.


One thought on “Trying To Find “All The Missing Girls”

  1. Hmmm, this one caught my attention and I was really curious about it, but doesn’t sound like it’s a huge stand out among all the other books with a similar story. Thanks for the review! – ashley


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