“We Could Be Beautiful” With Beautiful Lies

th (1)The reason I read We Could Be Beautiful was that I took this with me to the nail salon and because I had no other options I read a large chunk of it. Then, because I read so much I had to finish it, even though as a whole this novel was incredibly boring. The hook was that Catherine started dating William and her mother gave some clues that she knew him and that he was not a good guy. Her mother’s Alzheimer’s prevented her from finding out exactly what he has done to warrant the reaction, and although she was suspicious, she continued the romance and ultimately accepted his proposal. 

Catherine’s family was wealthy, and a large trust provided her huge monthly payments that she counted on for the rest of her life. When the trust dried up suddenly she lost her business and fortune, but she still had William. My problem with this was that for the majority of the story there wasn’t any reason to substantiate Catherine’s mother’s statements about William. He didn’t act weird and he didn’t say anything odd.

I’m not a huge fan of the Rebecca type suspense books anyway, but this lacked anything near exciting for the majority of the novel. The last fifty pages or so revealed the serious secrets that rocked Catherine’s family in the past and the future. Those secrets were sordid to say the least, but really came out of nowhere.

The best thing about this was the elegant writing that had a grown-up flair to it. This was a novel that was clearly aimed at intelligent adults. It forced readers to question how well anyone can ever know their family.



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