The Trouble Starts When “All Is Not Forgotten”

thAll Is Not Forgotten was an incredible novel! It was just perfect on every level. The deception doesn’t do justice to this twisted psychological thriller. After Jenny Kramer was raped at a high school party, her parents decided to use a new drug to erase her memory to help her get back to normal. But they didn’t think about how her lack of memory would prevent the attacker from being caught or how it would impact Jenny’s recover. When Jenny began seeing a psychologist to help her remember, the novel really took a turn for the dark and unexpected. 

To help Jenny, her doctor, Alan, convinced her parents to undergo their own individual therapy sessions with him through which he learned the dirty secrets of the entire family. Then, Alan masterfully used the parents’ weaknesses to control them and to make them act the way he needed them to in order to protect his son, a suspect of the rape. To protect his son from be charged with the crime, Alan engaged in unethical techniques to divert the attention of the police.

Every chapter moved the story along and there was never a lull. Because so many of the characters were in therapy, they were easily able to share their thoughts, feelings, and soul, with the reader. Alan’s narration was full of explanation. I understand exactly why he took every actions, and also appreciated his explanation regarding therapy, something that made him seem credible and for most of this, likable. There was no point in this where I wondered why someone was taking the action they did.

The novel was written in a unique way. The doctor narrated it and told everything in a flashback. The dialogue of other characters was included within Alan’s own recollection and was limited to only what they verbalized to him. Yet, the author gave more than enough insight into the mental and emotional processes behind every characters’ decision.

The ending had a freaky twist reminiscent of maybe The Good Girl and Black-eyed Susans. To be completely honest, there were a few passages that were just too graphic for me and I did skim a couple of pages. This was an absolutely riveting read that I was eager to finish.


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