Choosing Between “One True Loves”

th (1)One True Loves was the latest book out by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I have raced through her three other novels this year and was eagerly awaiting the release of this one. Here, Emma’s husband Jesse was presumed dead after his helicopter crashed over the ocean. She finally moved on with her life and was engaged to her high school friend, Sam, when Jesse unexpectedly returned home. Emma then had to determine who she would spend her life with. The husband she had mourned and moved on from, or the man she planned to marry. 

I like so many things about Reid’s novels, all of which were present in this one. Her characters are easy to relate to. I might have been predisposed to like Emma given that she was about my age and also blared Fiona Apple on her drive to high school. Emma was faced with a huge emotional dilemmas throughout the novel, as she first tried to grapple with being a widow after only a year of marriage, and then forced herself to move on. Then the shock of learning that Jesse was still alive made her question whether she was actually in love with Sam. There was just the right amount of attention given to Emma’s inner thoughts on these matters. She was an analytical thinker and displayed sincere concern over making the wrong decision.

There were several subplots that all ultimately helped Emma decide which man she would end up with. The supporting characters were Emma’s family, and the little details that Reid added made each member have the idiosyncrasies that are prevalent in every family. Those details make her novels seem realistic because the situations and dialogue are so familiar. I can’t go into too much of the plot, since it will give away Emma’s choice, but I liked that time was spent on Emma’s history with each man during high school. Those background stories helped explain who Emma became and ultimately, how she decided who to love.

This was a great novel by Reid, and I cannot wait for more from her!


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