Discover Your Past Lives In “The Forgetting Time”

thThe Forgetting Time, had a very unique premise, certainly one that I have never seen as the main plot of a novel. Janie’s young son, Noah, said things he couldn’t possibly have known, knew things he hadn’t been exposed to, and he called out for his “real” mother. After brushing his behavior off for several months, Janie finally reached a point where she needed professional help to address the strange way Noah acted. She didn’t expect to find a doctor who would convince her that Noah was recalling his past life. 

Noah’s statements quickly convinced doctor Jerome Anderson that Noah was one of only a handful of children who could recall details of their past life. When Janie asked Noah how he knew so much about lizards, he said he used to have one. His favorite baseball team was the Nationals and he even knew how to keep score, something four-year-old wouldn’t have known. But when Noah’s dreams of being shot, drowning, and dying became more frequent, Janie decided to allow Jerome the opportunity to see if he could actually find Noah’s former family. The motley crew set off on a journey to track down the family Noah remembered, but there were lots of missteps along the way. In the end, this turned into a bit of a murder mystery, with Noah holding the key to the cold case.

This novel was fantastic! I loved that Noah helped the adults in the story move on from what was tormenting them as they simultaneously helped him move on from his past life. About half way through, the story about Noah’s first mother, Denise, was presented, and it really gave a complete description of how Noah’s life had and would have an impact on others. The writing was very strong, and every character had depth. This was a novel filled with heart. The characters were motivated to do good and be kind. The plot only took this book so far because ultimately, the focus was on the characters obtaining redemption.

Oddly, the actual story was not well described in the synopsis for this book. I loved absolutely everything about this novel. This is a new favorite! I can’t wait for more from this author.



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