Who Set “The Trap”?

th (1)The Trap was just as exciting as The Girl On The Train. This was the true definition of a psychological thriller. Everything about this was perfect. The format, the writing style and the unreliable characters created a great page turner. I dare you to pick this up and not finish it in one sitting. I certainly couldn’t put this down. 

Linda Conrads was a reclusive bestselling author who was still haunted by the murder of her sister Anna twelve years earlier. Linda has stopped using her true name to further remove herself from public scrutiny and escape the horror of her sister’s unsolved mystery. But when Linda saw the face of Anna’s killer on television, and could finally identify him, the missing piece of information needed to obtain justice for Anna fell into her lap and changed her entire life. Linda then planned a trap for the killer to avenger Anna.

What struck me right away was the way the style of writing helped make Linda an unreliable narrator. Short sentences and odd tangents allowed the reader to have doubts about Linda’s memory and mental state. To make this aspect even better, Linda was aware of these issues and commented about it throughout the novel. Even she wasn’t sure what was a dream, a hallucination, or real. The details of Anna’s death were revealed through a book within a book. Linda decided to depart from her typical romance novels and write a crime story that mirrored the events that led to her finding her sister’s body. That novel was written with the intention of using it to set a trap for the murderer.

Every chapter was another clue to what was really going on. This was a great novel with many perfect plot developments. I can’t recommend this enough!


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