Corporate Greed Starts A “Power Play”

thPower Play was another powerhouse read by Joseph Finder. I think I particularly liked this because it reminded me so much of Die Hard, one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies. Here, Jake was unexpectedly asked to attend a corporate off-site retreat with the leaders of the company. As a lower level employee, he felt extremely out of place until he realized that he was brought there to act as a spy for the new female CEO. Within just a few hours of their arrival, a group of men invade the retreat and take all the executives hostage. Of course, it is then up to Jake to save the day and figure out what was really going on. 

The conversations between the hostages and hostage takers revealed the extent of the company’s large financial resources, but it was clear that the bad guys had done significant research on the company and know too much for the situation to be considered a random act. Jake was immediately suspicious of several of the corporate officers, but with so much emotion and bloodshed early on, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly who had orchestrated the hold up and why.

Jake’s background was revealed throughout the novel and explained why Jake had the physical skills to take on the criminals. But, more importantly, his sad past gave him a motivation for why he would risk his own life to save the lives of others. Ultimately, I found him to be a credible and likable hero, just like so many of Finder’s protagonists. The novel had a fast pace, and each scene built upon the story.

In the past year, I have really come to enjoy Finder’s novels. They are delightfully entertaining! This was just as good as I expected!


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