The “Precious Thing” A Best Friend Will Do For You

th (2)Precious Thing was a psychological thriller that started a little slow but then turned up to be a fantastic and fast paced novel. Rachel was an investigative journalist and tv reporter who learned that her childhood best friend Clara was missing. That job allowed Rachel to be privy to information about Clara’s disappearance in a way that made sense. As the story unfolded, Rachel unknowingly placed herself in the middle of the scene where Clara may have disappeared from and soon became a suspect in her disappearance. 

The history between Clara and Rachel was revealed slowly in flashbacks and revealed that their relationship was riddled with secrets. Rachel’s mother was completely unloving to her, but conversely was very affectionate toward Clara. That treatment was an easy explanation for the tension between the girls from a young age.

This wasn’t a typical thriller where the main character ran around to uncover the secrets of the missing, but each chapter did provide more information about Clara’s disappearance and Rachel’s background, all of which created a cleared picture of what really happened. By the end, Rachel learned devastating secrets about Clara and her mother. There were some good and unexpected twists and turns that made this a great thriller. I wouldn’t say that any of the characters were especially likable, but they certainly made this story exciting.

The book concluded by revealing some of the characters’ true traits, and the darkness of their souls was shocking. I would highly recommend this to those who crave thrillers.




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