“Guilty Minds” Find Trouble In Washington D.C.

th (1)Guilty Minds was the third installment in Joseph Finder’s series featuring hero Nick Heller. I liked Nick Heller from the first novel in the series because he was not only aggressive, but driven to uncover the truth. On top of that, he was just a good guy who wanted to be helpful. So it saddens me to say that this was my least favorite book in the series. 

Finders novels are, well, ridiculous. I view these as pure entertainment because I have to suspend reality to enjoy them. The plots are outlandish, the characters are predictable, and the characters sometimes too easily stumble upon clues that resolve complicated issues. They also seem to have endless access to technology to help them make impressive investigative discoveries. But I can handle all that as long as I believe in the characters’ motivation. Here, I did at the beginning, but had sort of lost it near the end.

Here Nick was approached by a top attorney who asked him to investigate a story that was about to break in the tabloids alleging that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had hired a call girl on multiple occasions. Soon the investigation lead to the death of the girl and Nick decided to continue his search for truth because he felt guilty for her death. What was missing for me in this noble plight was a motivation aside from Nick just being a good guy. There also wasn’t any reason given as to why the Justice had been targeted, and for me that left too large a hole in the plot.

As usual there was plenty of action for Nick to immerse himself in. Tracking mechanisms, gun fights, hostages, and kidnapping were all used to create another fast paced novel. Overall, this was entertaining but not my favorite of the series.


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