“The Heavens May Fall” Is Fastpageturner’s 100th Book In 2016!


I became a fan of Allen Eskens after reading his first book last year, The Life We Bury. I loved it so much that it made my list of top books read in 2015. So I was excited when his publisher offered me an advance copy of The Heavens May Fall. This was a detective and courtroom drama that was good but nowhere near as well written as his first book. 

Here, Detective Rupert (also a character present in another detective book he wrote) was reeling from the hit and run that killed his wife. He was assigned to the murder of Jennavieve where the suspicious circumstances lead him to believe that her husband, Ben was the killer. Ben hired retired attorney Broady whose friendship with Rupert suddenly pit them against each other. The investigation proceeded very smoothly and without many loose ends. That resulted in a story without much depth.

What I loved so much about The Life We Bury was that the main character had several different aspects to the story. Each issue fed into the larger plot and helped describe him as a person and have an impact on the overall story. Here, Rupert was a one dimensional person who was sad to be a widow and so focused on discovering the who killed her, that he would risk his reputation and job. But even that desire didn’t lead to an exciting developement or plot twist. Although there were some great twists at the end of this! I just wanted a little more from the story and hoped to discover the same endearing characters as before.

This was a fine book and I was grateful to read this before it was published.


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