L.A. Is Full Of “Psychos”

thPsychos was the second book by Babe Walker. I thought her first book was hilarious and I was anxious to take a break by getting lost in the crazy adventures of this self-absorbed diva from L.A. As sequels go, this one just wasn’t as funny to me as the first book. Babe still fad a love of clothes and dropped many designer names. She was still sex obsessed with lots of casual encounters described with tons of details. Babe jet set from party to party through a variety of different countries, but there was only a hint of a plot here. Someone was stalking Babe and writing odd things on her bathroom mirror, and at the same time Babe was trying to work on herself after a stint in rehab. Neither of those two plots were really a focus though.

This was light beach reading at the extreme.


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