“There Was An Old Woman” Who Lived In…

thThere Was An Old Woman began after Eve’s mother had an attack and ended up in the hospital. Eve moved into her home to take care of it since it is in such disrepair. Each character was well developed and expressed herself well, but somehow I just didn’t connect all that well to anyone. 

The novel was filled with hoarding, dementia, and hidden money. It was not, however, filled with suspense or thrills, as described by the publisher. This was about as mundane a novel as it could be. The suspense involved strangers having a key and entering at their will, and items being moved. Other than that, there weren’t many clues to make this a mystery. A neighboring old woman is also dealing with issues in her home, such as forgetfulness and misplaced items. There was entirely too much attention paid to the physical ailments of the elderly. The big reveal at the end was clumsy and executed in a way that made it even less interesting that it already was. I child could have come up with the solution to what was impacting these elderly women.

I think I kept hoping this would get better. Some of the reviews online said this was a great mystery and I kept reading anticipating that it would pick up, but it didn’t. Leave this one on the shelf.


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