Finding A Companion On “Redemption Road”

th (1)Redemption Road merged several stories together that focused on the lives and secrets of the inhabitants of a small town. Adrian Wall had only been released from prison for a few minutes when the son of the woman he was convicted of murdering hunted him down and pointed a loaded gun at him. The murder and its impact was the focus of the first few chapters, but then the novel shifted almost entirely to police officer Elizabeth. I liked her story of recently saving a kidnapped girl from her rapist captors by using deadline force, but struggled to see the connection between these two stories.

The bond between Elizabeth and the girl was deep and touching to watch it unfold. Truthfully, this story could have been its own novel and really should have been. It had only a minuscule relationship to what I thought was the main plot, e.g. a mystery surrounding women who disappear and the town’s assumption that newly released Adrian was the perpetrator. The connection seemed to be that Elizabeth once liked Adrian, but their relationship was not developed or explained at all. I got even more confused when a whole new plot blossomed at the end involving corrupt correctional officers and lots of hidden money.

Some people described this as a thriller, but mostly this was a sad a slow drama. Only at the end was there a bout of action, none of which made any sense because the background hadn’t been explained. I’m all for hiding facts to make a book be more suspenseful, but to make a reader enjoy an action sequence there needs to be an understanding of what is going on – that didn’t happen here.

This just felt like a jumble of too many half developed plots that did not culminate in a good novel.


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