Spending My “Last Night At Chateau Marmont”

thThe Last Night At Chateau Marmont was by far my favorite book by this author. I found some of her other novels to be a bit superficial and unbelievable, but I enjoyed everything about this semi serious chick lit novel. I found the premise extremely unique- Brooke and Julian’s marriage was tested when he became an overnight rock star. 

Brooke had taken two jobs to support them during their marriage so that Julian could follow his dreams of performing in dive bars while he chased a record contract. Even though they both wanted him to make it as a performed, Brooke struggled with how Julian’s new celebrity status impacted their marriage and changed him as a person. It wasn’t that he was suddenly more concerned with wearing clothes more stylish clothes than the t-shirt and jeans uniform he donned every day, he spoke about elaborate trips to Europe, buying multi-million dollar lofts in exclusive New York neighborhoods, and mingling with elite celebrities. At first, Brooke tagged along with Julian to the performances and publicity events until her boss warned her that any more absences would result in her termination. As it turned out, a normal person with a regular work week just doesn’t have time to live like a rock star or with one.
Brooke was a great character to carry the novel. She was introspective and tried to be rational about what was happening without acting too much like a jealous wife. Brooke worked as a therapist to young women with eating disorders. Her job was portrayed with such detail that I found it a little uncomfortable to read about. I liked that she didn’t want to just resign when Julian received a large monetary advance. That added legitimacy to her as a woman, not just a filler wife who wanted to live a lavish lifestyle.
The novel was solidly written, although this read more like a chick lit novel that a literary masterpiece. But, I knew what I was getting with this. The pacing was steady and had a lot of little developments that showcased Julian’s rise to fame and Brooke’s struggle. This was a great and easy read!

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