Cal Weaver Is At It Again In “A Tap On The Window”

th-2A Tap On The Window was another book featuring my favorite Barclay hero, Cal Weaver. This time, Cal tried to help a friend of his son’s by giving Claire a ride, but when she disappeared, Cal became a suspect. Rather than be pushed around by the cops, who frequently broke the law, Cal decided to use his private investigative skills to find Claire and clear his name. Along the way he uncovered secrets of many of the small town’s inhabitants.

Somehow these novels always seem to make sense even though they are so improbable! But that’s what makes them so entertaining. What I appreciate most about this author is that he lays a lot of small plot events that help define the characters. Later in the story, all of those small things make sense and form an intricate plot with a lot of suspense. In that way, Barclay has an absolute gift of writing.

One aspect of the story that made this book especially deep was that Cal’s son had died the previous year when he got high and jumped off a roof. Not only did that provide a basis for Cal’s rage and the tense relationship with his wife, but it gave this a unique subplot since many of the characters had known his son. Some of those classmates were now suspects in Claire’s disappearance, but were not willing to help Cal because of the way he questioned them after his son’s death.

This was just a great read! It was so entertaining without sacrificing smart writing and good characters. I felt like I really got to know Cal and rooted for him the whole time!


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