From “Baby Doll” To Survivor

thOk, yes, I am slightly embarrassed by the fact that I seem to be drawn to books where the heroine was kidnapped. Baby Doll was no exception. Lily was held for eight years in a torture chamber before being able to escape. As was described in the book’s cover, getting out of her prison was just the first step toward freedom. 

I am just fascinated by how people (in real life and in fiction) deal with being held captive. I guess I should have been a psych major. Here, Lily was keenly aware of the mind games her captor played and recognized the effect it had on her thinking. That realization made her a realistic character with depth and perspective.

This book was a lot like Room once Ma and Jack escaped. Here, Lily and her six year old daughter, Sky, attempted to readjust to the world, and the novel encompassed much more than their journeys. Lily’s mother, twin sister Abby, and captor, also had their own chapters where their emotions and feelings were explained. Those sections gave me an entire picture of the impact Lily’s kidnapping had not just on her, but also on those around her.

At times the simple writing made this read a little like a young adult novel. But because Lily was taken when she was a high school student it seemed natural that some of her thoughts and reactions were a bit immature. Overall, it worked, and the characters displayed a range of emotions that made this a tense and compelling read.

This was as much a book about sisterly love as it was about adjusting to life after a trauma, seeking retribution, and appreciating life.


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