Mixing “Southern Charm” With New York Socialites

thSouthern Charm was a chick lit book set against the fashion and society of New York City. Three subplots merged together here to give a view of southern belle Minty’s attempt to fit in with the New York elite while balancing her love life and neurotic mother. This was a light read with a lot of exciting opportunities heaped upon Minty. 

Minty quickly landed a job at a public relations firm where her ruthless boss was a watered down version of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.  Minty’s love life also picked up considerably when old flame Tripp pursued her and became her fiancé. Lastly, without warning, Minty’s mother decided to use her southern decorating skills to redecorate Minty’s apartment. These story lines were entertaining enough for a light chick lit read but were extremely superficial.

This novel had so much potential but fell a little short of a great read. Minty’s boss wasn’t overly annoying and I never felt like Minty’s work experiences rose to level to force her to cry in the lady’s room. Minty was suspicious of her fiancé’s actions and wondered if he was cheating on her, but there needed to be more events leading up to her insecurity. All she had to go off of were the rumors on page six of a prominent New York magazine, which hardly made him seem like a monster. I also thought Minty’s mom seemed nice to want to redecorate her apartment, not overbearing.

Epic fashion filled the pages. Not just the clothes the characters donned, but also the fashion scenes that Minty attend, such as fashion week and fashion shows. I liked that Minty was easily accepted as a socialite and landed a fun and promising role in a new designer’s company, but that exactly didn’t make her a southern belle outcast. I guess I expected Minty would have trouble fitting into the New York social scene due to her southern upbringing but that wasn’t an aspect of this novel at all. Despite the title, there want much of a southern aspect. There also wasn’t a ton of description about Minty’s emotional state other than what was revealed through her slightly superficial conversations with her friends.

This was an entertaining and light read, but not the best chick lit out there.



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