Exonerating The Murderer Who Put “Daisy In Chains”

thDaisy In Chains began with a plea that renowned author Maggie Rose help prove that convicted serial killer Hamish Wolfe was innocent. Maggie was very reluctant to take on his case, but was ultimately drawn into Hamish’s web and agreed. Maggie delved through the cases of the women Hamish was convicted of killing and began to believe in his innocence. The novel moved back and forth between the present where Maggie investigated the murders, and her own past where interactions with her sister were highlighted. Maggie was an odd character, sporting a bright blue bob high cut, and remaining detached from others. I chalked her seclusion up to her fame, but later it became clear that she was a loner for a much more sinister reason. Her past was a little boring until I realized the importance that it played in the events currently happening.

The interactions between Maggie and Hamish were just plain creepy. He came across as a sociopath who liked to play mind games and control others. As their conversations increased, Maggie seemed to become more and more enamored with him, in a stalkerish kind of way. This wasn’t a typical “mystery” novel, in the sense that Maggie wasn’t interviewing old witnesses, but she did some investigation into the murders and the evidence that convicted Hamish. There was something so off about the way Maggie uncovered evidence to possibly overturn his convictions, but I couldn’t see what was coming until the very end of the novel when twist after twist turned this into a truly thrilling read.

The pacing was good, and the dialogue and characters were all crafted in a realist way. This had every element of a great book: good subplots, strong writing, and an interesting story that kept me turning the pages to see how it would end. This was my first book by Sharon Bolton and I really enjoyed it! I’ve put several others by her on my to read list, and would highly recommend this one. It was solid entertainment with ghastly twists!


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