Attempting To Survive “The Vanishing Year”

thThe Vanishing Year was a dark and sinister tale that slowly evolved into a fast past thriller. Zoe reinvented herself in New York as the wife of a successful business man, Henry, while trying to hide from her past. A few years before, she was the key witness against a sex slave operation that put two dangerous men behind bars. Rather than succumb to the confines of the witness protection program, Zoe took off across the country and assumed a new name and identity, but it wasn’t long before her past caught up with her in deadly ways.  

Oddly, explaining the plot will make this sound boring. It is hard to describe what this book was about or why it was so great without giving away the entire ending. On the one hand, Zoe felt the need to discover her roots and went in search of her birth mother who gave her up for adoption. On the other, Zoe’s relationship with Henry was portrayed as weird and controlling. Henry was against her making that discovery and started to reveal himself as an abusive husband. That all collided together very well in an action packed ending.

This novel didn’t have the heart pounding plot that usually attracts me, but there was enough happening to make me question what was really going on. In that sense, this read like  good Hitchcock thriller, were it was clear something was amiss. There was an obvious connection between something in Zoe’s past and the car that tried to run her down and her ransacked apartment, but I didn’t put it together until the end. I was really pleased with the twisted ending and thought everything came together really well

With so little revealed about the actual plot, to make this story work, Zoe had to carry the novel. She did! She was a very energetic character to follow. Zoe was a strong woman who had many sides to her personality, which allowed her to be the doting wife and get swept up with Henry’s displays of affection. Still, she was independent enough to carry on with finding her mother behind Henry’s back because she knew he would disapprove of her doing so.

I purchased this book and it was well worth the money. I’ve already added several other books by this author to my “to read” list, and would absolutely recommend this to readers who like methodical thrillers.


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