The Most Important Question To Ask Is, “Can I See You Again?”

th-2Can I See You Again? was the second novel by Allison Morgan, and it was just as good as her first, The Someday Jar. Morgan creates strong women who make her novels much more than just a cheesy chick lit read. Here, Bree was a matchmaker who penned a novel about love. On the eve of her book being published, her boyfriend broke up with her, forcing her to pretend Nixon was her boyfriend in order to fulfill contractual obligations she had with her agent. Although the plot has been, let’s face it, overdone, this was an enjoyable read because Bree was a swell girl.

Parts of this novel reminded me of the zany chick lit style of novels such as Shopaholic because Bree had some funny adventures. Watching Bree juggle two different guys, lie to her agent, and continue to run a successful matchmaking business made this a light and humorous read. Still, it was beyond obvious how the story would play out. I mean, I knew Bree would end up with Nixon, I think every reader has to know that before they even finish the first chapter. Bree’s boyfriend, Sean, wasn’t a good enough guy for her. He was too flawed, too uncertain about their relationship, and didn’t really understand Bree.

Nixon, on the other hand, was a total catch! He was handsome, kind, caring, and funny. He was the clear front runner between the two men, and I wanted him to end up with Bree from the beginning. I liked that Bree was a woman who had a career and was focused on being successful, while at the same time, also interested in finding love. I hate when females in novels are only concerned with their relationship. I liked Bree’s personality and that made me invest in her journey.

I like Allison Morgan’s novel because her characters are round and full and seem normal. (No small feat in chick lit!) I can’t wait for more from this author and would highly recommend her novels to readers who like Emily Giffin and Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novels.


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