When “Little Black Lies” Catch Up To You

thLittle Black Lies was the second novel I read by Sharon Bolton and unfortunately it paled in comparison to Daisy In Chains. The themes and overall story here were actually pretty good but this just didn’t come off as a suspenseful mystery. I think it was mostly because not enough information was given early enough to provide those loose ends that would have been exciting to see resolved. There was a huge history between friends Rachel and Catrin but their relationship wasn’t explored in depth. 

The first 100 or so pages of the novel were a disjointed investigation into the disappearance of a young boy, the third boy to disappear in the small community of the Falkland Islands in the UK. I guess the pattern of missing children was intended to lay a foundation for the disappearance of Rachel’s child later on, but I felt too much time was given to this event. Even with the exorbitant amount of time Catrin and Callum spent driving around looking for the lost boy, it just wasn’t very well developed, or interesting.

When Rachel’s child disappeared, each characters’ past made them a suspect, but too late. This was a slow and at times an excruciating read. Too much attention was paid to what the characters’ were doing rather than how they were feeling or what they were thinking. In the last fifty pages, the story finally picked up and that overall plot was actually pretty good. The final displays of true friendship among the characters were motivated by guilt, love, and loyalty, and gave this a good finish. However, so much more could have been explored in those areas to make this even better.

This was written so differently than Daisy that I almost felt multiple people wrote pieces of this novel. This was a tough read.


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