A Ball Fit For “The Ex-Debutante”

th-1The Ex-Debutante had a recently unemployed Carlisle back in her hometown where she stumbled into representing her mother in her dissolution proceeding and taking charge of a Debutante Ball. This could have been a funnier chick lit read, but instead it had a much more serious tone to it.

Carlisle had a hard time getting women to want to join the decades old club, and I expected that the women who wanted to be a part of the Debutante Ball would provide a degree of humor based on their unique social upbringing. I looked forward to being immersed in a culture which is so foreign to me, but that didn’t happen. Carlisle had an easy time recruiting girls to be debutantes, or debs, and they were catty, immature teenagers who were annoying to listen to. None of their conversations were funny. Instead, they were just mean to each other and their dialogue was grating.

Even Carlisle’s rekindled romance was too tepid to energize this novel. This book might just have caught me at a bad time, because after recently reading several other chick lit books, I’ve gotten a little sick of a female protagonist going home after losing her job. Can’t an author come up with any other catalyst for a story? I’m also tired of reading about women desperate to conceive, like Carlisle’s sister. I think it is too stereotypical when the sole plot for a female character is her desperate need to have a baby. 

Ugh. This was such a disappointment. I guess I expected more humor and a lighter read in general.


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