What Will “Gonzo Girl” Do To Impress Her Idol?


Gonzo Girl was an edgier version of The Devil Wears Prada. In order to become an author, Della decided to take a job as the assistant to a well-known author, Walker Reade, so that she could learn as much from him as possible. She also hoped that being his assistant for a short time would provide her resume with the bump it needed to help her land a better job in the future. 

While Devil was chick lit at its finest (filled with mishaps, embarrassing situations, and screwball comedy) Gonzo Girl used drugs and inappropriate behavior as the foundation. Truth be told, I found this extremely dry and hard to read. To put it bluntly, Della lacked a life, which meant she had no subplot pushing her to remain in the odd job. Even her need to become a writer wasn’t sufficient for me to believe why she stayed working for Walker who required her to do drugs and wear the clothes he bought her. Aside from his erratic behavior, Walker wasn’t that horrible of a boss. He was extremely believable as an unconventional writer that everyone put up with because of his celebrity. He complained and yelled about everything and demanded that everyone cater to him. 

The conversations between the characters were boring and didn’t help any of them progress as people. Those mundane interactions coupled with the lack of any real plot events made this one of the most frustrating reads ever. I liked the ending, but even that lacked the punch it should have had because Della didn’t experience enough trying situations to make it especially rewarding. 



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