The “Dark Road Home” Solves A Cold Case Murder

thDark Road Home began when the body of Gin’s sister was discovered seventeen years after Lily went missing. The prime suspect in the disappearance had been Jake, a boy Gin was crazy about in high school, and the new investigation again focused on him. Gin was shocked to learn that her sister’s body was found in a large cooler that her and her friends used in high school in a secluded spot in the woods. That new element made Gin and her entire group suspects in the murder. 

Even with Gin becoming a suspect, this wasn’t necessarily a fast paced story. To tell the truth, there wasn’t much mystery about this. None of the characters were especially targeted by the detectives, so there wasn’t any pressure for one character to discover what really happened. Although since there was only a small universe of people in the story, it was obvious that one of them was the killer. When the killer was finally revealed, it was quick and took minimal effort.

The subplot was that the discovery of Lily brought an unresolved issue between Gin and Jake to the surface, which was that Gin had abandoned her feelings for him when he was suspected of murdering her sister. Gin was also jealous over the fact that Jake and Lily had spent so much time together alone prior to her disappearance. It made Gin question Jake’s true feelings for Gin. Their relationship status was mildly interesting, but their interactions were so tepid that I wasn’t really that invested in what would happen with them. Also, the author should have provided more interactions between them when they were younger to help bolster the deep affection Gin obviously still carried around for Jake. Without that, her infatuation with him seemed too unbelievable and juvenile.

This was mindless entertainment, but not the best disappearance story I’ve read. Something about this just felt very young adult. I don’t know why. Overall, this was a good read, but not great.


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