If Only It Was Still Just “The Two Of Us”

thThe Two Of Us was a British novel that chronicled the relationship of Fisher and Ivy for a year. The novel started off with an awkward date between the two of them, where it was clear that Fisher was far more interested in Ivy that she was in him. Shortly into their relationship, Ivy learned she was pregnant, and the couple decided to stay together for the sake of the twins. 

This was described as a romance, but it was far from it. Not only was it not a typical romance, but Ivy was so cold to Fisher that they barely even had a relationship. Fisher was a weirdo. I mean, there just isn’t any other way to say it. He did not come off as quirky or endearing, traits that would have improved this novel immensely. He appeared to be an odd man who lacked basic relationship skills. I didn’t understand his attraction to Ivy at all. She wasn’t portrayed as overly beautiful, successful, or a catch in any way. She was so laconic that I don’t feel I got to know her at all.

The conversations and scenes did not create a cohesive story. First, of all, this novel was way to British for this American reader. The wording, references, and jokes did not translate. Second, there was no real plot event here other than Fisher’s lame attempts at trying to woe Ivy. When the story did turn to the pregnancy, it was portrayed either too dryly to be entertaining or with so much detail that I was slightly offended.

Ugh, this was a disappointment on just about every level.


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